Lucky 15 Calculator & Lucky 15 Each-Way Free Calculator Tool

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Lucky 15 Calculator & Lucky 15 Each-Way Free Calculator Tool
Lucky 15 bet calculator - Calculate how much you can win or have won from your Lucky 15 bet with our free online Lucky 15 and Lucky 15 Each-Way calculator tool. It includes Rule4, E/W Calculator, Bonus percentage, Consolation Bonus, Decimal, American and UK Odds.

The idea of a Lucky 15 bet may seem a little daunting to you. In fact, you may have no idea of what one is.

It’s certainly a wager for the more experienced punter but once you understand what one is, they’re relatively simple to understand. What’s more our fantastic Lucky 15 bet calculator does all the hard work, crunches the numbers and lets you know your complete outlay.

You can get started below as well as discover everything you need to know about Lucky 15 betting.

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If you’re wanting to place a Lucky 15 bet but don’t wish to do all the working out yourself, use our handy Lucky 15 odds calculator below and discover how much you’ll earn from your selections.

You’ll find full instructions on how to use the calculator below, with you even able to use it as a Lucky 15 each way calculator.

How to use the Calculator?

  • Insert your stake size and type (stake per bet or total stake)
  • You can specify if the Lucky 15 bet is each-way or not
  • Choose the odds format (Fractions, Decimal or American)
  • Enter your selection outcomes (Winner, Lost, Dead Heat, Void/Non runner), Odds and Rule4. Please insert the odds before to specify the outcome!
  • Specifiy the bonus applied by your bookmaker (Eg. 10%) and the consolation offered (Eg. Double Odds, Triple Odds and Quadruple Odds).
  • Total Return and Profit are updated automatically
Please note: Hover over the question marks to get hints.

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What Is Lucky 15 Betting?

Lucky 15 betting is an increasingly popular wager that covers every possibility within multiples betting across four different selections.

The aim of the bet is to increase the chances of winning as well as maximising your profits. It’s a popular wager to place when betting on horse racing and is played by using 15 separate bets, hence the Lucky 15 name.

It’s a wager being used by many bettors these days, but one thing to remember is that because you’re placing 15 bets within the Lucky 15, you also need 15 times the stake money.

How Does Lucky 15 Work? 

A Lucky 15 bet works by, as mentioned, making 15 bets. These are broken down into four single bets on your four selections and then a series of doubles and trebles and an accumulator.

In total you’ll place:
  • Four single bets
  • Six double bets
  • Four treble bets
  • One fourfold accumulator

A selected stake will then be placed on each of these bets, so if you wanted to place a £1 stake, this would essentially be £15 to represent your 15 separate bets.

For example:

Let’s say you were placing a bet on the weekend’s and wanted to use a Lucky 15. Again, let’s use the example above and keep it simple with a £1 Lucky 15.

Your four selections of horses are all at 10/1. If all four horses were to win, using our Lucky 15 Calculator, that tells us you that you’d receive a profit of £22,793.50. This is because within the wager you’d be winning four single bets, six doubles, four trebles and a fourfold accumulator.

In fact, the accumulator alone would guarantee you over £14,500 in this case. In all, the breakdown for the above bet would look like this:

  • Four singles return - £44
  • Six doubles return - £726
  • Four trebles return - £5,324
  • Fourfold accumulator return - £14,641
  • Lucky 15 - £20,735

You would then potentially earn a winners bonus dependent on which bookmaker you were playing with. This is calculated as 10% in the profit mentioned.

In most cases you’ll be able to use a calculator, with the one above also complimented by a range that bookmakers already have including the Lucky 15 calculator Coral have and the Ladbrokes bet calculator.

Read our complete guide: Lucky 15 explained - How does a Lucky 15 work? 

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Does Lucky 15 Work Each Way?  

You can also place a Lucky 15 with each way bets. Our calculator allows you to select that option and essentially means you’ll earn a certain percentage of your bet should one of your selections place rather than win.

With an each way Lucky 15, you generally won’t receive any winners bonuses or one winner consolation money, and when it comes to laying a stake it is a little more complicated.

An each way bet at its simplest is two bets. One on a horse to win and the other for it to place, i.e. in second or third position (this can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker). So, if you were to place a wager on all four selections each way you’d in theory be making 30 separate bets.

For Example:

So let’s say you were to place £1 on each bet, in this case you would have a total stake of £30.

Your four selections are once again all at 10/1 and they all are offering 1/5 on a placed finish. If all four selections were to come through you’d win £23,033.50 with the following breakdown:

  • Eight singles return - £56
  • Twelve doubles return - £780
  • Eight trebles return - £5,432
  • Two fourfold accumulators return - £14,722
  • Lucky 15 with 30 bets returns - £20,990.

This is once again with a winners’ bonus, however with some bookmakers you won’t receive this with an each way Lucky 15.

If for example, two of your selections only placed with the others winning, you would still win £398, as the following wagers would have paid out:
  • Eight singles return - £34
  • Twelve doubles return - £175
  • Eight trebles return - £108
  • Two fourfold accumulators return - £81
  • Lucky 15 with 30 bets return - £398

The odds will drop dramatically if one horse loses. However, there still are tidy profits to be made. If you were to use the same each way bet as above, if just one horse lost and the others won you’d still receive £1,760 in profit.

Can I Play a Lucky 15 on Other Sports?  

You can place a Lucky 15 on any sport you want and even mix across various sports. All you have to do is pick four selections and you’re in with a chance of earning yourself a nice prize pot.

Football betting suits a Lucky 15 wager and you can increase your odds by placing a Lucky 15 with various different markets. Match Result and BTTS odds are good to enjoy with a Lucky 15, while you really can mix it up.

Practically any sport you can play this wager with, including rugby, tennis, gold, darts and cricket. Of course, in most cases you won’t be able to add an each way wager into your Lucky 15 however.

Where to Place a Lucky 15 Bet 

You can place a Lucky 15 with all the best online bookmakers and many will even offer percentage bonuses on winning bets.

The likes of Ladbrokes, Bet365 and Coral all offer the wager, while you can check out our bookmakers page for all of our favourite bookies, tried and tested by our expert team at Bet and Skill.

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Can I Use a Free Bet to Play a Lucky 15 Bet?  

Most bookies offer some crazy free bets these days and you’d be mad to miss out on them. You’ll find tons of the latest free bet offers below and of course you can match them up with a Lucky 15 bet.

All you have to do is sign up, and in many cases deposit, to earn your free bet and you can start making some money on the Lucky 15 market today!

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