How To Play Keno - Rules, Strategies & Bonuses

  • Written by Martina Maritato
How To Play Keno - Rules, Strategies & Bonuses
Keno is part-lottery, part-bingo, with some unique rules of its own in the mix as well. If you want to play without risking too much, Keno is the right game for you. With elements of bingo, poker, and roulette, it's easy to learn and play. Find a Keno player's guide by BetandSkill and learn how to play Online Keno.


Keno is fast, fun and easy to play. As a variation of classic lottery drawings, you can win massive amounts of money just for choosing the right numbers. While every online keno game is a bit different, these are the common elements you’ll find when you choose to play online. Learn everything you need to know about Online Keno here!

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How To Play Online Keno

Follow these simple steps and start playing Keno online with no headache!

1) Buy Keno Tickets
Once you're ready to purchase Keno tickets, select BUY NOW. There is a Next Draw countdown on the Keno board, if you purchase before this countdown expires you'll be in for the next Keno draw.

2) Choose your wager
Choose how much you want to wager on each game (eg.$/£1, $/£2, $/£3, $/£4, $/£5, $/£10 or $/£20).

3) Choose how many consecutive games
Select how many games in a row you want to play.  Choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, or 20.  Decide how many consecutive draws you want to play. Your total ticket cost will equal the cost of your base Keno wager times the number of consecutive draws.

4) Choose your numbers or select Quick Pick
Pick how many numbers you would like to play, you can pick up to 10 numbers. Or, choose Quick Pick and have the computer select numbers for you.

5) Keep your winnings
After all 20 numbers are drawn, the draw is complete. You will receive your eventual winnings into your player account

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Keno Prizes & Chance To Win

Prizes depend on how many numbers you played on the relevant line, with higher payouts for more difficult matches including matching all ten of your chosen numbers from the 20 drawn from the pot.
KENO gives you the chance to win up to $/£200,000 per drawing and KENO Bonus gives you the chance to win up to $/£2,000,000 per drawing!

Keno payouts are based on how many numbers you as a player have selected during the game as well as the amount of numbers that are ‘hit’. To determine other amounts, simply multiply the prize payout amount stated by the dollar amounts played.

The maximum prize payout for a single draw game for each of the 10, 9, or 8 spots top prize will be $/£2 million.

There is also a kind of consolation prize if you chose ten numbers and did not match with any of the 20 balls drawn, and you'll get $/£3 back for a $/£1 wager.

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Type of Bets

Straight bet: Betting the numbers marked as a single wager is called betting a straight ticket. For example, a player might mark six numbers, circle two groups of three, and mark on the side of the ticket, "2/3, 1/6." The player then would bet $/£3 to have $/£1 wagers on each of two three-spot combinations and on the six-spot.

Split Bet: The split bet is the same as the straight bet, only you can choose multiple combinations on a single ticket, to use in more games.

Way Bet: The way bet is similar to the split bet, the only difference being that with way bets you can bet on separate small groups of numbers( even 3) by using fractions of standard bets. This way you can win smaller sums of money in a faster rate.

Combination bet: The player marks several number groupings and plays combinations of them. For example, a ticket with two-, three-, and four-number groupings can be played as 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5 (the two- and three-number groups together), 1/6 (two- and four-number groups), 1/7 (three- and four-numbers), 1/9 (all three groups).

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Just like the lottery, Keno is a game of chance and there are no strategies that can help you choose winning numbers. There is no strategy for selecting numbers: whether you decide to select your lucky numbers or just the "quick pick", there will fundamentally be no difference.

The best important thing is to measure risk and reward when placing bets during a game. The best Keno strategy is simply to compare pay tables and play at the house that pays the most for the number of spots you select.

The best way to win Keno is by playing more than one ticket at the same time. This will definitely give you a more likely chance of hitting numbers that will enable you to reap the rewards of what the house is offering.

That said you can still employ a two thirds betting strategy to help you have a little more fun. Start off by betting the minimum. If you win a game, up your bet. If you lose, decrease it. This isn’t a surefire way to win, but this betting strategy has led to some impressive results for many real money keno players.


What is the Keno tickets price?
Tickets cost $/£1, $/£2, $/£3, $/£4, $/£5, $/£10, $/£20, $/£50 or $/£100 depending on your wager.
The cost depends on how many lines you choose to play, how much you spend per line and how many draws you enter.

What times are the Keno draws?
Online Keno is similar to a lottery but it’s played more frequently and is way faster. Draws take place every 3 minutes, so you can look forward to ALL of the excitement of winning big prizes without any of the waiting!

What are hot numbers in Keno?
In Keno, the numbers which have the highest occurrence rate are called ‘hot numbers’. This is based on the numbers drawn in 5 rounds of Keno. According to statistics, the hottest numbers in Keno are 61, 66, 67, 74, 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78.

How many numbers do you pick for Keno?
Typically, you’ll be able to pick 1-15 numbers. However, certain game variations will only allow you to choose between 1-20 numbers.


Keno is not offered at every casino. Namely, whether a casino will offer Keno or not will depend on its software providers. Playtech, RTG, Betsoft, Microgaming, and NetEnt are only a number of game makers who produce video Keno.

It's usual to receive a welcome bonus when you sign up to a casino site. These usually come as a percentage of the amount you put down as your first deposit.

Furthermore, there are many online casinos that are offering no deposit bonuses to give players the chance to start playing for free (and keep their winnings!)

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