How To Lay An Accumulator: All You Need To Know

  • Written by David Bet
How To Lay An Accumulator: All You Need To Know
It’s likely you’ve all heard of an accumulator. They’re the bread and butter of a Saturday afternoon bet and played all over the world. But were you aware there are a number of variations of accumulator, with a growing number of punters now laying their accumulator bets. Below you’ll find everything you need to know about "how to lay an accumulator", including what they are and how you play them...

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What Is A Laying An Accumulator? 

A lay bet is a type of bet available to play in betting exchanges and is different to a regular bet in which you are backing an outcome to happen, as you’re actually backing a man outcome not to happen.

So, for example, usually you would back a bet such as Arsenal to win in the Premier League against Newcastle. A lay bet would be a bet on Arsenal not to win.

Therefore a lay accumulator is a series of lay bets (outcomes not to happen), usually played as part of a matched betting strategy.

In order to do this, you’d back an accumulator as normal through your regular bookmaker, and then visit a betting exchange in order to place lay bets against the bets you’ve made.

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How To Lay An Accumulator 

There are a number of ways in which you can lay an accumulator these days in betting exchanges. A number now allow you to place lay accumulators in them just as you would back one.

The likes of Betfair Exchange have a number available each week, with punters simply having to place their stake.

For example, an exchange might offer the following:

Leicester, Manchester United and Napoli all to win.

You can then either place a back bet or a lay bet. In this instance, you'll want to play a lay bet, i.e. the teams above not to win.

You can then select your stake and the odds in which you want to play.

Alternatively, there are other options if the accumulator in which you want to lay isn’t available.

This can be done by sequential lay betting. This can only be done if your back bet selections take place at different times.

You then place your lay bets in sequence. So for the first game you place your lay bet on the first match in your back bet.

If your back bet wins, you continue to the second game and place another lay bet. If that wins, the process continues.

Should the next back bet lose, you stop placing lay bets as ultimately the accumulator you have backed has lost.

In order to provide profit, you need to balance your lay bets and odds, so that when your lay bet does win, you will guarantee profit, albeit a small one.

Where To Lay An Accumulator 

Laying accumulators can be done at a number of different places, but ultimately these need to be betting exchanges.

You can only lay bets in exchanges with many considering the Betfair Exchange the most popular, although you will find many more including with the likes of Ladbrokes.

Betting exchanges are slightly different to regular bookmakers, so they are worth getting to know. You can find full tutorials and reviews on the best betting exchanges in the UK, in the betting exchange section of our site.

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Why Place A Lay Accumulator 

Laying an accumulator is usually used as a form of matched betting and insurance to a back accumulator placed at a regular bookmakers.

It’s a strategy used by many punters, especially those trying to turn smaller, but more regular profit.

What Sports Can You Lay An Accumulator? 

Betting exchanges offer a huge range of sports and markets to lay bets on.

Football and horse racing tend to be the most common, in particularly the To Win markets.

Alongside these two sports, you can lay bets on the likes of tennis, NBA, rugby league, rugby union, NFL, Formula 1, basketball, cricket and many more.

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