How Does CopyBet Work? The Complete Guide

  • Written by David Bet
How Does CopyBet Work? The Complete Guide

CopyBet is a useful social betting platform both for beginners and professional punters. It provides completely automated features for copying and placing bets. You can follow the most successful tipsters and make money together with them. Read our guide if you wanna learn how does CopyBet work!


The idea for CopyBet was derived off the back of the buzz about the Copytrade feature launched by eToro, a social trading platform with over 6 millions of active traders.

CopyBet is a social betting platform where players can browse the list of tipsters, choose their favourite ones and literally copy their bets automatically.

Players need to connect their CopyBet account to their Betfair Exchange account, a process that is done by the CopyBet platform done through Betfair's API.

In order to copy a tipster's bets, you have to subscribe by paying a little weekly fee. As soon as the tipster place a bet, the same bet is automatically placed by the CopyBet software through you Betfair account.

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All the bets copied by other punters are placed on Betfair Exchange.

In order to start placing and copying bets, you have to connect your Betfair Exchange account to your CopyBet profile. Just click on "Connect Betfair Exchange account" button and follow the instructions.

As your Betfair Exchange account is hooked up to Copybet (as are the tipsters accounts) when a tipster which you choose to follow places a bet through their own Betfair Exchange account, the same bet is automatically placed through yours.

If you don't have a Betfair Exchange account yet, you can open it by clicking here:

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Naturally, you are required to have money to bet with deposited into your Betfair account. There is no "Just For Fun" mode and all bets are placed with real cash.


You can choose among three main roles at CopyBet.


You make tour bets and receive commissions everytime another punter copy your bets. As a provider, you can specify the commission amount for the subscription. When a punter make a subscription, all the bets from a provider are automatically copied. The subscription commission is distributed in percentage in the following way:

  • 70% are received by the provider to their CopyBet wallet

  • 30% are received by the CopyBet platform.


Check how profitful is a tipster and start automatically copying bets from professional punters. Each subscription has a cost but if you choose a winning punter, you will make money with him.

If you decide to give CopyBet a go, we suggest to set a loss limit for any tipster you decide to follow and also only subscribe to tipsters who are either free or who charge a set amount per week. These costs are generally very low and you can set them to not renew after the period should you wish.


Place your bets without copying any tipster. CopyBet provide a traditional sportsbook when you can find pre-match and in-play odds on a plethora of sports, including football, politics, MMA, TV Shows, Rugby, Basketball, Tennis, Boxing, Chess, snooker, US sports, Virtual Sports & esports


The first step is to browse the list of the top tipsters and choose your favourite ones. and the easiest way to do this is to go to the "Rating" screen.


copybet tipsters


Click on any one tipster profile to view a more detailed report of his betting activity, including profit ratio, average odds, average bets, risk level and a list of the recent bets.

copybet profile


If you are happy with the tipsters profile, click the 'Start Copying' button to subscribe. CopyBet will show a popup asking you to confirm your subscription. You can set several parameters and filters including "Subscription Price", "Loss Limit", "Copy Specific Sport Bets" and "Stake Ratio".

Subscription Price

The subscription price is an USD amount paid to provider for copying its bets every week, two weeks or four weeks, for each event or % of event profit, depending on the subscription type, except Copybet commission (30%).

  • The minimum subscription price per week, two weeks, four weeks is

  • 5 USD
  • The minimum subscription price per event is 0.1 USD
  • The minimum % of event profit is 1%.

Loss Limit

Set the maximum loss you would incur

Sports Type

If you think that a tipster is good for specific sports, you can filter the copied bets by sport.

Stake Ratio

You can bet a lower stake than the tipster you follow. By default, the stake ratio parameter is set to "1". If you want to bet a lower stake, adjust this parameter.

Eg. If you set the stake ratio to 0.20, you will stake only 20% of the tipster's bet. Hence, if the provider stake $100, your copied bet will have a $20 stake.

Unfortunately, you can't set a specific min/max limit for each bet.

copybet subscription

How does CopyBet calculate the risk level of a Tipster?

Risk = liability / a Provider’s account balance at Betfair * 100%,

where liability is the amount of money blocked on a Provider’s account at Betfair Exchange because of the bets they placed.

Depending on this value, the risk level is defined as follows:

  • Low risk level risk <= 10%,
  • Medium risk level 10% < risk <= 30%
  • High risk level risk > 30%

CopyBet Key Features

  • Automatic copy betting and Betfair integration
  • Web-based, no downloads needed
  • Easy to understand, easy to use
  • For both newbies and professionals
  • Transparent conditions
  • Mobile version & apps for iOs, Android & windows


BetAndSkill is proud to introduce you to CopyBet, a new social betting platform that allow players to follow the top tipsters in the world and copy their bets. To celebrate our partnership, CopyBet is giving all our readers a £5 deposit bonus!

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